Friday, July 13, 2012

What I did before CARDS

A few years back before I got hooked on making cards one of my pastimes was Cross Stitch.
Well we had some company a few weeks ago and I had to get a couple of rooms tidy so they had some where to sleep..(you know how your spare rooms become collection places)
In the process of the tidy up I got some of my Cross Stitch together, with the backing and frames all in one box..

So that ment I had to start seriously thinking about putting them together so they could be displayed the way I orginally wanted.. Last Sunday was the day.. to hot to work in card room upstairs I headed for the basement and some coolness..
I won't bore you with the time it took me to figure out (remember) how to mount these and frame them .. ( I should put a plug in here for my husband, he painted the frames up for me really quickly when I asked they were just plain pine and I wanted black)

First shot is of them hanging in the dinning room.. followed with not the best pic's of them but enough to show you..

The frames are 9-1/2" X 11-1/2"

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Tanya S said...

Wow Janet they are so beautiful!! I love them.Please let me know if you decide to sell them !

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, you a woman of many talents!

Karons Krafty Korner said...

These are amazing - I love them all. I am a cross stitcher too (lots on my blog) but again like you, card making has taken over since the new year:-) I love these, thank you for sharing.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous work Janet, I love Chickadees :) and all the rest too!