Saturday, June 30, 2012

# 11 at Graphicat Sketchs Challenge Blog

Well didn't want to miss out again over at Graphicat Sketches now that I have some MoJo back..
So got busy this afternoon in the craft room and did this card up..
I am loving the new Distress Summer Inks from Ranger.. Colored the paper using two of the colors..

I haven't used this set of stamps in a long while..

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to stop by tomorrow for  the
                                        Canada Day Blog Hop Tomorrow..

Take Care

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Got My MOJO back ( I Hope)

Been having a really hard time getting crafty this past month, I have done a few cards but it has been hard.. How ever after doing the TH tag last week end I felt really good so went home and on Sunday managed to get a few done.. Here they are hope you enjoy..
This first one was cut mostly with some of Barb's stuff. Wanted to play with that new card cut out (sorry don't know name) from TH that makes a circle in the middle.. I love it.. Barb also has this flower and have been looking at it for awhile.. the paper I took over to play just happened to match so was a quick card..

The two cards above I made from a neat set I got at CA and since it is Stampede time here thought I should make some to take to the store So these were taken there on Monday if you care to stop in and take a look.

This card is done with the new spring Ranger inks and the linen paper from the from CA also used new Memory Box die for the music notes.. Linen was embossed first then inked up..
I am sure enjoying the new colors.. Can hardly wait to start the Summer ones.. Picked them up as well but haven't played yet.  That's tonight at Creative Accents should be fun..

Take Care all and thanks for stopping by.. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tim's June Tag

Well four of us got together on Saturday and did Tim Holtz's June tag..

It was a great afternoon and we are all happy with the results..

We had a great time at Creative Accents   doing our version of the tag..Looking forward to the July tag and out get together for doing it.. Lots of new tech.'s to learn and play with..

Please note I used a Button and Twine on mine and so did Miss O.. (heeeheee) 

Take Care and Thanks for dropping by..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

some Cards

It has been some time since I posted a card.. I have been in a slump but have done a couple of cards..

First one up is one I did for my Mum and Dad's  62nd Wedding Ann. which was on the 17th.. Of coarse I mailed it in plenty of time I thought but Canada Post did it again and it was late getting there.. At least they finally got it a week late.. Oh well ..
The second card is one I did for my Boss.. his birthday is this month as well..

I am really liking this stamp for birthdays and with Stampede on its way soon. I think I should be making a few more like this..

Hope you are enjoying some warmer nicer weather where ever you are.. Suddenly got hot here yesterday and it is taking it toll on us..

Take Care thanks for stopping by.. I know these cards don't have any twine or buttons on them but you still have  awhile to enter over at Creative Accents Challenge scroll down to see... You can have lots of fun with this one  I did.. ( two posts down) 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Challenge Sketch #9

Ya I'm cutting it close again.. Glues not dry but picture looks not to bad..

Any way have you got your challenge card for Graphicat Sketchs Challenge Blog  Done yet

Take Care all and thanks for stopping by.

Got to go and get this entered.. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Buttons and Twine June Challenge

Ok, got my BUTTONS and Twine Challenge DONE..

Now I know this is NOT what you are all expecting but I had to do this... As you know from my last post that BUTTONS are a challenge for me...
I don't believe BUTTONS should be on cards..Well not mine anyway..

That's right you got it, a canvas on what you use BUTTONS for.. Now be sure to hop on over to
Creative Accents Challenges  and get your entry in as well..

So just to show I can do a Card with BUTTONS as well here is what I came up with.

This is a new pad of 6x6 by Bo Bunny that is in the store now.. Also Buttons and Charm go with the paper..

Thanks for stopping by.. Hope you get your entry in soon.. Take Care All

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Challenge Time

Well June is here already which means there is a new one up at   Creative Accents Challenges

Yes you got it BUTTONS  & Twine.. Well guess what folks mine is not done yet.. Now I know
some of you will be having a good laugh at this... For those that don't know me I have a thing about BUTTONS on cards.. I don't think they belong there.. BUTTONS are for sewing.. no problem with the twine part of it..

I know this is a Callenge and I will do one.  Even have the BUTTONS picked out and everything but due to it being a really busy time for me right now I did not get it done in time.. So be sure to check back and see what I have come up with.( you never know I may even get hooked on the things)

 Remember this is a Challenge so we want to see what you do as well..

So go get your BUTTONS & Twine and get your entry in.. I will be looking to see if any of you can change my mind about them..
Thanks for stopping and hope you are having a chuckle at me.. Be sure to stop back to see..
Take Care all