Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sept. 21,2104 Pictures

Well the last day before Fall starts and what lovely warm weather we are having.. actually a little to warm to work outside doing heavy stuff, so finished up a few cards and did a walk with the camera.. This is a picture heavy post.. Scroll down for the cards.. Please

 Last for the Sunflowers 

 Seeds ready to fly away

 Old horse shoe on the old gate.. Miss having horses 

One Birthday Card and one Anniversary Card  
Both off in the mail hopefully there now.. 

 A Fairy card for my Stash.. 

Just because card for my Stash.. 

Thank you for stopping by.. Must get busy soon on the Halloween Cards and then Christmas..
Take Care Please come and Visit again.. 

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Nancy said...

Great photos Janet :) we are so lucky to have this beautiful weather!
Your cards are so pretty :)