Saturday, January 11, 2014

Picture Wallets

Had a fun get together with some crafty friends on Jan. 2, 2014 to start the year off right.. Debbie showed some of us that were interested, how to make these lovely Picture wallets.. I have fallen in love with them  and I do believe a lot of friends will be getting them for cards this year..

Picture of the three I have done so far.. 

Top one has been sent to my mum full of Christmas pictures of her Great Grandchildren for her 85th birthday today.. just wish I could be there to give it to her..

here it is open with the pictures.. 

This one is for Aimee her birthday is tomorrow.. she let me know hers arrived safely and she is in love with it

This is how the Wallet opens two pictures to show how much space you have to put pictures in 

Just so you know these fit in an 7-1/2" envelope and were not to expensive to mail. ( well till the new rates go into effect in March)

Thanks for stopping by .. Hope you have started your crafting year off with some great projects.
Take Care 


Nancy said...

These are lovely Janet :) I made something similar quite a while back, but I love this design way better :) great job!

Sarah said...

these r awesome!! looks like you're coming over to the darkside! It won't be long before I see some full on 12x12 layouts! ;)

PuddleDaisy said...

Beautiful, my friend! You'll be doing minis with me in no time! Lol ;)