Friday, November 15, 2013

November Tim Holtz Tags

Hi there all time for another set of Tim's tags.. we changed the night around and did it on Wednesday night this month and I have been slow about getting them up on the blog..

So here they are for you to take a look at.. Tim's tech. this month was a quick and easy one but love how they turned out.. We had only a few of the items needed to do with will so had a lot of make due..

 There were only four of us.. that made tags but Moe joined us to see what we were up to... next time she has to make a card..

Be sure to check out Tim's page  and see the tech. and all the other tags done for the month..

Thanks for stopping .. we love to see your comments.. be sure to stop by again.. take care  


Nicole Wright said...

These turned out great. I'm half way done mine. I love this technique! Making do turned our great.

PuddleDaisy said...

Looks amazing, ladies! Nice job :)

Sarah said...

one of these days I'm going to actually be able to join you ladies! Love the tags!

Mrs T. said...

the tags are always fun to do. great time with friends. looking forward to the next one and Sarah coming to join us. they don't usually take that long to do so you wouldn't be away from your baby to long.

Nancy said...

Those are super Janet :)