Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special Birthday Cards and Cheri's Sketch 25

Last week end was Creative Accents, as we know it last Crop..What a wonderful time we had..
While working on our cards several of us decided we needed to do someone birthday cards.. So three of us sat and did  Graphicat Sketch #25  while the Birthday Girl watched us.. (even helped a bit) :))

So Happy Birthday Barb,  I know you are going to have a Great Day  ..

 the one above is mine..
 the one above is Marianne's
And this one is Jacqui's

Please leave a birthday wish for Barb..
and be sure to pop over to Graphicat  and see what lovely cards are there..

Thank you for stopping by.. 


Mrs T. said...

I fell for it again, you guys are really sneaky. Marianne you told me it was for someone else..of course I believed you. Hmmmmmmm
Thank you all so much I love all of them and you. They are all so beautiful. That is a great sketch Cheri. What are the chances they are all my favorite colours.

Sarah said...

These are great! Happy Birthday Barb!!

Graphicat said...

Wonderful cards ladies!!! I'm so glad you all like my sketches so much! :) Im sure Barb was over the moon with her cards even if you were alittle bit sneaky about it! :)

Nancy said...

So pretty, hope you had a Happy Birthday Barb :)