Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Early Birthday Present to Myself

I know should not do that but when you want something bad enough you do what you have to do..
Last week end when at the Christmas in July crop at Creative Accents  I played with Tara's new Tim Holtz Distress Pens..
I fell in love with them.. in a post further down you will see a card with fairies that I did with them.. well this week more sets came in at CA and I got my self a set..

This week end after I worked really hard Saturday and Sunday ( and I did to) Sunday afternoon and  Monday was my time to play.. now I did spend some time on Sunday at Barb's using a couple of her stamps to try these out.. Here is what I came up with so pleased with these.. Now don't expect these to work like copic's cause they don't..but I am really looking forward to doing more with these.  Let me know what you think..

This one is the first I put together.. The Best Wishes I over sprayed so it spread a bit more than I would have liked but I went over with the pen again and gave it a bit more definition and am happier with it.. this one is stamped on water color paper and touched up with Speca Pens..

This one is done on the shiny paper recommended sorry don't remember the name of it..Nice to work with though.. You can use your distress ink pads over the image afterwards and it doesn't interfere(Nice) . This is a second stamping after doing one on water color paper.. Still came out great. (have one more that I stamped at the same time that is very useable.)

This one of the cowboy is the first stamping on water color paper.. I am very happy with this one.. (have two others that I stamped with just giving the stamp a little spray in between that are useable as well)
(Hint to do this it is a good idea to stamp the image first on just plain paper so you see clearly the area's you want to color on the stamp.. Sometimes it was hard to see.. cause of coarse I didn't do this first.)

Well please tell me what you think.. I have a bunch of stamps that I want to play with again using these..

Take Care and I hope you all had a great week end.. we have rain here today a nice gentle rain that will soak in great and help keep away those nasty fires..

PS when Graphicat Sketches  gets there Mr. Linky up will enter the cowboy one over there..


Nicole said...

Nice present. Not sure these are in my future though. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Love what you have done with those pens!! Beautiful cards! :) I actually got some playing time in my craft room as well. :) Love the western card the most! :)

Nancy said...

Nice present!
I love the first card and for just a minute, I thought you had stitched it :)
Love the western ones too. I'm liking the idea of distress pens :)
I actually got some of Cheri's western digis, but haven't had a chance to play with them.