Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tim Holtz May Tag

Well some of us got together at Creative Accents   today and worked on our May Tags..

Here is my tag ..
Now here are three of them.. Nancy's/  Mine/ and Barb's 

Thanks for stopping by.. Take Care all..
Tim Holtz 12 Tags


Sarah said...

LOVE all your tags!! I can't wait to work on mine tomorrow night!

Nancy said...

They turned out great didn't they :) Tell Evan Thanks, for the spools!

Roxy said...

These all look so great, sounds like fun! I'll have to try and make it in one of these months!!! Hugs, Roxanne.

ms.espresso said...

Looks great, Janet! Thanks for bringing in the spools for us to use :) It was fun getting inky with ya!