Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Treats for the Older Folks on your List

I had some fun with my Silhouette making some little Coffins to send to my older grandchildren and some special people (special as in I like them:))  As they have all received them I thought I would post a picture of them..

I made quite a few of them and put a chocolate mummy in each.. The Dracula's at the back were a gift from a friend who knows how much I love Halloween.. They are actually for sticking in cupcakes but as these were going in the mail I could not supply the cupcakes.. 

I sure hope they all enjoyed them.. got some nice e-mails with Thank you's..

Thanks for stopping by I will be posting more on the week end.. and be sure to check back next week for the Creative Accents new Challenge a great one for November..

Take Care


Roxy said...

You are so clever Janet, these are great!!! And where do you get chocolate mummies?

Tanya S said...

Chocolate mummies...really???Where do you find these things!!These are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Love the little coffins! He, he