Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dave King

My nieces other half, is having a birthday today so I had to make him a special card to celibate. ( I hope after this we are still invited to the wedding this summer.)  Now a little explaining is needed I asked Aimee what Dave is interested in besides Hockey.  Her answer was he loves dogs (they have a great dane), plays the drums, likes working in the garden and is a music drama teacher ---Oh ya his last name is King.  So I could not resist  doing this card.

Happy Birthday Dave You have a great day.  
 I am thinking you really got a good guy there Aimee.
For those that are interested used papers from my stash sorry don't know where from/ the drum set is from Silhouette (could not believe it when I looked up drums) ribbon was from CA
Saying is from Cornish Heritage Farms. (chuckle every time I read the sentiment)  

Thanks for Looking and if you have time leave a comment wishing Dave a great birthday he is a really great guy who is marring one fantastic girl. 
Take Care


Tanya S said...

Baahaa!!I love it.This is too cool for words.I just love the dogs,the drums and the music strip. Unreal!?!?! This came together just amazingly.Well Dave, I hope you have a great day now that you have the perfect card !!Happy Birthday!

Aimee said...

He opened it this morning and said - that's just insane :) He loved the drums!! wayyyy too cool Auntie Janet, thanks so much! It replaced our spring hockey trophy for center spot on the mantel :) Thanks for the thoughtful fun card - so cool!! Big smiles all round!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome Janet, it turned out great! Love the senti, he, he.

Mrs T. said...

Awesome card Janet. I do believe you got it all in one card. Now what are you going to do for an encore.
Happy Birthday Dave! have a good one and look after that card, it's a oner.