Thursday, June 30, 2011

CARLA's Birthday Blog Hop


Well it's Carla's Birthday  (actually July 1 is) we decided we would try and surprise her and do it a day early.

The Start was at Cheri's  But she has been sick and now blogger has refused to let her in. So Sarah's  is the start.   I have listed all at the bottom of this post so if you get lost just hop on back.  From here you to to Chris's

So here is my card and be sure to scroll on down and see Barb's card as well.

Now Carla does beautiful cards and coloring, so I did  not go that root I decided to do something I have been thinking about for some time.So here it is CARLA  Hope you have a great Birthday.

Yes a pop up card....  There is a side view and top view for you.  Carla your card should be at CA for you to pick up after lunch.  If you are out and about before then and want to pick it up from me you know where to find me.  Barb's card will get to you some time soon I know (sorry I was suppose to pick it up last night)

Now Barb's card....
I love what Barb has done with the flowers, Carla is a cat lady so this great.

Here is the order of the hop.
1.Cheri  is having blogger problems and it won't let her sign in .(she is also sick so can't go anywhere else to do this)  I am sure she will be posting as soon as she can.
3.Janet's and Barb's ( that's Here)
7.Tara's and Julie's
Thanks for looking and please leave some Birthday wishes for Carla along the way.
Her blog address is Carla's if you want to hop on over there and let her know as well.

Take Care and Thanks for Stopping By.


Graphicat said...

I posted....thanx Janet for letting everyone know.
These are awesome! I LOVE the pop up!!! OMG! So cool! And Barb's cat is awesome!!! :)
Id hug ya but Im too

Sarah said...

OMG!! I LOVE the pop up! It's sooo coool!! And Barb's cat is stinkin cute too!!

Anonymous said...

I love it Janet, OMG it is AMAZING! You must teach me how to do that! How did you do that? WOWZERS! You are very talented Janet! And it's mine to oggle for ever! Thank you!

Barb, you've got my number with the kitty. I love the kitty! What a fangtastic card, he, he. Thank you so much. I am so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards ladies and the pop up card OMG that is amazing!! :) Love both your cards!! :)

Tanya S said...

This is just stunning ladies!!Lucky girl!

ms.espresso said...

oOOOOH.. cool pop up, Janet! And Barb's card is lovely in blue- great use of BLING, both of you :)