Sunday, May 22, 2011

OH MY OH MYThey are 18 already Happy Birthday Boys

I can't believe that today May 22 my two oldest Grandson's turn 18.  Happy Birthday Brandon and Colton this grandma could not be prouder of you.   I just spent last week end visiting them for their Spring Prom wish I could be there to party with them this week end.  (Ya like they would really go for that)

Well boys I hope you have a great time.  Here are the cards I did for them. 

Take Care and Thanks for looking. 


Graphicat said...

Ahahaaa!! Love the little Pac Man brads!!! PErfect for this!!! I bet they actually WOULD like grandma there to party with! :) Im sure they love these Jan!

Sarah said...

Love this image and those pac man brads are AWESOME! I still can't believe you have grandkids that are 18! craziness ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree, great pac man brads. I am sure the cards were a hit, very nice.