Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday BARB

Well you folks have seen cards done by Barb on my blog from time to time.  Today is her birthday and I wanted to wish her a very special day for a VERY SPECIAL lady. 

I ashamed to say I did not get a card done for her.  I have been so busy getting all the cards I needed done for May,  I sort of put her's to the side. Thinking I would get some great idea for hers and it would just fall together.  Well it didn't I am really sorry Barb so I hope this little box I did will fill the gap.  I will deliver it to her tonight on my way home.  I don't think I will wake her up this morning delivering it to her.    However Barb if you are in town and want to stop by the office I will have it there for you or else will deliver on my way home.

I guess I should let a few that don't know Barb is my friend, next door neighbour and crafting buddy.  We have a great time together.  Well must get ready for work and get out the door. 

Have a great day Barb......   Take Care and thanks all for looking. 


d edgson said...

That's very pretty Janet!!!. I'm sure she will love it! Does Barb not have a computer? Would like to see more of her work too!

Hope you had a good day!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Barb!!! Janet that box is very pretty, I'm sure she'll think so too!

ms.espresso said...

Happy birthday to Barb! I'm sure she'll love the box and be thrilled to have the celebration continue when she gets her card :)

Mrs T. said...

Ahhhhhhh Thanks good buddy.
You know I love it.
As you can see I am right up on my blog cruising. I hate dial up.
Take care see you when you get home.

Anonymous said...

Ok, catching up on blogs tonight, sorry I haven't commented. Looks like you have been busy. This is beautiful, makes me want to plant flowers. Great idea and perfect for a birthday. Tee he.