Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Card that Barb Made

Barb brought this card over to show me on the week end,  it is lovely so I took a picture.  I was good this time and asked to post it on the blog here (usually I just do it)  Anyway Barb said I could so I was going to do it yesterday and didn't get one of those around to its.  SO here it is a day late but well worth the wait. 
I forgot to take a picture of the inside which is just as nice as the this. I pretty sure all materials are from CA if you want more details you will have to ask Barb.   Please let Barb know what you think.
I sure think it is lovely and I am sure her friend that is going to receive it later this month will as well.
Take Care all and Thanks for looking.


ms.espresso said...

oooh... pretty! I love how that wreath image can be used throughout the year, not just for winter. Looks like a lot of fun details!

Graphicat said...

This is stunning!!! Great job Barb!!
Let her know I have a lamp for her! :)
Hugs to you both

Tanya S said...

Awwe Barb hun,it's stunning.Very Creative!!Love those flowers and butterfly.Oooh and great color combo!!Great job girl!!!

Sarah said...

sweet card barb! I love the die cut shape that the wreath is inside! it's purdy :)

Mrs T. said...

Thanks all -- you make me feel sooooo good. You are all an inspiration to me.
Thanks Cheri for taking the time to pick up the lamp for me much appreciated.

Eenzy Beenzy said...

Thats a petty card! Love it!

Eulanda said...

Ooooo this one is pretty too! You guys do well when you hang out together. LOL!!

Dorothy E said...

That's a great card! Perhaps Miss Barb needs a blog so we can keep abreast of all her pretty makings!!!