Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playing with the silhouette

Well got playing with the new machine tonight.  Found this pattern in the library to buy and thought I just had to try it.   Oh what fun I had.  Did the green one first out of just cheap card stock then did the second out of nice Silver heavier card stock.  Don't ask how it works I played long and hard to get them together I could not find directions on line.(could be I was not looking in the right spot/ do they have directions at the site??)

I will be taking the silver one into Creative Accents tomorrow so you can stop in and see.  Have a good day all.  
Take Care and Thanks for stopping by.  Would love to hear from you.


Graphicat said...

Wow! this is SO cool!!! I will have to check it out in person! It looks amazing Janet! Can you cut stuff out of different colours?? Just wondering how cool those trees would look in a shimmery green?? awesome!

ms.espresso said...

that looks so cool, Janet! Who designed the shape? Sometimes you can find a 'how to' on putting them together on the designers blog. Can't wait to see it in person :)

Hill Top Creations said...

Have thought about the trees it maybe hard to do the way the pattern is but could add stickles later I think. Will have to look it up as to who designed it never thought of looking for that. Take Care

Sarah Burns said...

You could totally switch out the trees from the two... green trees in a white globe, white trees in a green globe. These are cool.... does this mean you could concievably cut out a Christmas village?

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, really amazing. We like this kind of work.

Great job, more!!!!

Take Care, Susanne and family (cant wait for santa ;-))

Eulanda said...

Good on ya lasagna!! It worked out really well didn't it!! Glad to see you using your Silhouette!! Great job!

Mrs T. said...

Hey Sarah that wasn't a hint was it. Hee Hee
Just keep crocheting or maybe make a trade.
Take care and have a good Christmas and New Year.
Ho Ho Ho
Oh Yah Janet they look real cute can't wait to see them