Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just a Little Something I worked on this week.

The Card is above and  here is a picture of the materials I  used.
I thought I would do this card with just pencil crayons and a few of the simpler things, that I actually started making cards with. I will admit to using one copic pen which I forgot to put in the pic and it is the one for skin color  E00.

I have been asked by a few people lately about doing cards and getting started but they are scared of the cost so, that is what got me thinking about where to start. 

Hope you enjoy.

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Have a great day all.  Take Care


Teila said...

Great idea Janet - posting a photo of the materials you used! I may have to adopt that idea too - LOL! VERY cute card!

ms.espresso said...

Cute card- and it's fun to see all your materials grouped together like that :) I adore that little elf!

Graphicat said...

How very organized of you!!! I LOVE that! Your card is precious! Love those candy canes hanging on the ribbon! Great job Janet!

Eulanda said...

Awwww this so sooo super cute and I just love this kind of theme of card. Great addition of the candy canes!