Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Cheri Surprise

Please join us on this little blog hop for Cheri, Wishing her the BEST BIRTHDAY  ever.  This is one talented lady who is so helpful to others wither it be scarp booking/card making or just being a friend.  I have the pleasure of knowing Cheri personally as do the other members of this Blog hop. It's your Day Cheri enjoy it to the full.

Now I must tell you I was all  for this till I sat and thought about it for a few seconds. Then  HELP MAKE A CARD AND POST IT ON MY BLOG FOR CHERI. So my thoughts went to what does every female like on their birthday.  FLOWERS so here are some Roses for a lovely lady.

And here is Barb's card for you, now do as she says Relax and Enjoy your day.

About both cards all supplies were bought at Creative Accents and I am sure Julie and Tara will be able to tell you all about them.

Oh yes by the way Cheri's color is Pink so you may see a bit of it on this blog hop.

Now scroll on down and jump right into the next link in this blog. ( I have tried to put all the links here for you hopefully I got it right) ( hop on back here if you get lost)
Janet's and Barb's Your here
Tanya (next in line)


Anonymous said...

Both your cards are beautiful!! Cheri is going to love them!!

Anonymous said...

I love this style of card and you do them so well! I love the bathtub and bubbles, great card Janet.

Anonymous said...

Opp, sorry Barb, love the bathtub and bubbles! Great job Barb!

Graphicat said...

OMG!!!! YOU GUYS!!!! Im tearing up alittle here...this may be the SWEETEST THING anyone's done for me! Wow.... These cards are just awesome Janet and Barb! Thank you so very much. Yes, I love pink! And I love my bubble baths and flowers too!! Thank you thank you thank you, I cant say that enough! Not only does this wonderful world of crafting and blogging bring me happiness and peace but it has made me some of the most amazing friendships I could ever have imagined. I think this whole thing calls for a girls night out around drinks or something. Must plan that.

Hill Top Creations said...

Oh Cheri you are well worth and time and effort on this one. You enjoy your day. Take Care my Friend.

Obsessed Momma said...

Oh They're so beautiful!!She's gonna love it!!

Sarah said...

barb and janet these cards are so cute! I love the bath tub and the stained glass flowers!!

Eulanda said...

GREAT PINK cards ladies!! I love the flowers and the idea of sitting in a hot bath right now. I am shaking I'm so cold. Gotta go turn up the heat!

Dorothy E said...

Very cool cards, Janet and Barb. I have been going to try that fold for awhile now. Hmmm procrastination!!! Nice to meet you today also!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cheri. Even if you dont know me I want to congratulate you for your birthday and for having such nice friends as Janet and Barb!

Have a really nice day!
Susanne from Germany