Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lucas did a card as well

Lucas is Katharina's older brother he is 9.  Today he made this card on his own.  I love how he used  the red ribbon as flames for his dragon.  The sparkle does not show up on my picture but it is there.

Lucas understands a little English and will be doing much better next time he visits Canada.
Take Care all and thank you for looking.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how he is motivated! Love it. He will do more cards.

Both are very proud to see her cards in this blog. Thanks to Janet!

Susanne, Mom of Katharina and Lukas from Immenhausen, Germany

Mrs T. said...

Better be careful Janet these kids are good.
Are you sure you should let them play with your stuff.
I am getting worried myself.
Mom Of Lukas and Katharina - you should be worried(and proud)they will want to make more when they get home.

Anonymous said...

That card is very cute and well done, what creativity and talent. Congrats Lucus.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for comments!