Saturday, July 24, 2010

Girl Friends Card for her birthday.

This is for a good friend that left town.  They moved to Nova Scotia in the spring will miss her I haven't sent her my blog address yet so I think I am safe posting it here before I put it in the mail.  Card says it all her birthday is next month.  Will get it in the mail on Monday and maybe it won't be late. Reminder to self must get over to Barb's and cut some more fence it works well in the card style love it. 


Graphicat said...

Ooooh Janet!! I love this step card! Great job with the nestie in the back. She'll love it Im sure!!
PS Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my work. I always appreciate them. :o)

Mrs T. said...

Gorgeous - have you signed it yet?
Perfect for what I need.
Fence what fence?

crazymomma said...

Oooh absolutley stunning!!!Haahaa I too have to watch what I post in case of it's recepient.PS I too have the fence!!